A Colorful Wedding at The 173 Carlyle House and St. Benedict Catholic Church

As a wedding photographer, I have been honored to capture countless love stories, each unique in its own way. Recently, I had the pleasure of documenting a wedding that truly stood out—a vibrant celebration that took place at The 173 Carlyle House in Norcross and St. Benedict Catholic Church in Duluth. This joyous occasion was truly magical, with stunning florals and a contagious sense of fun. Join me as I relive the sweetest moments of this extraordinary wedding, set against the backdrop of two exquisite venues.

Madeleine and Brian’s day began with a heartfelt ceremony at the magnificent St. Benedict Catholic Church in Duluth, GA. As the couple exchanged vows in the sacred surroundings, the love and commitment they shared radiated throughout the church. I was privileged to capture the sweet moments and emotions that unfolded during this sacred union.

Nestled in the heart of Norcross, The 173 Carlyle House is a historic gem that exudes Southern charm and elegance. The setting provided the perfect ambiance for the couple’s intimate wedding ceremony. With its classic architecture, this venue offered an enchanting backdrop for a beautiful and fun wedding reception.

Amidst the hustle and bustle of a wedding day, there’s a moment that every couple cherishes—the timeless romantic portraits of just the two of them. These captivating snapshots freeze a moment in time, preserving the raw emotions and affection shared between two souls on the happiest day of their lives.

One of the most striking features of this wedding was the breathtaking floral arrangements and colorful decor. The couple’s choice of vibrant blooms brought a burst of life to their special day. The carefully curated floral displays created an atmosphere of joy and celebration, while adding a touch of sophistication to the event.

Weddings are not just about the exchanging of vows; they are also about the joy shared with family and friends. Throughout the day, I had the pleasure of capturing candid shots of guests reveling in the celebration. From heartwarming embraces to carefree laughter on the dance floor, each moment was a testament to the couple’s love and the happiness they brought to those around them.

It was evident from the start that this wedding was going to be a lot of fun. Madeleine and Brian’s infectious energy set the tone for their special day. The dance floor was alive with laughter and high spirits, creating memorable moments that will be cherished by the couple and their guests for years to come.

Madeleine and Brian’s wedding at The 173 Carlyle House in Norcross and St. Benedict Catholic Church in Duluth was a kaleidoscope of colors, love, and laughter. From the historic charm of the Carlyle House to the sacred beauty of St. Benedict Catholic Church, every moment was a testament to the their love story.

Venue: The 173 Carlyle House Florist: Laurens Floral Art Photographer: Christy Hyde Photography Planner: Weddings By Kelly Cake: Liggy’s Cake Delights Hair: Bliss Formal Hair Makeup: Ellis Paige Makeup Dress: Bridals By Lori Band: The Moxie Band Atlanta